Garden maintenance


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Garden maintenance

- Our professional gardener maintains the landscaped garden and other land : mowing the lawn, pruning, maintaining the irrigation system, evacuating the green waste, weeding, cleaning the gravel areas...he has all the equipment to keep your garden nice and clean. 

- We adapt the level of maintenance to meet your personal requirements and your budget. 

- Our professional gardener can assist you in landscaping projects and carry out the work. 

- Our gardener is a specialist in olive oil production : he can take care of your olive orchard. The "terroir" of Provence gives such a special taste to olive oil.

- You wish to plant truffle oak trees : it is a specialist matter and our gardener can help you. 

- You already have an employee taking care of your garden : our gardener can coach him to improve your garden. 

A beautiful garden enhances the elegance of a property.


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